The Shen Foundation


Educational Videos

Range of educational videos delivering topics from virtues to different Q & A questions from you the audience.

Ebooks & Articles

The Five Virtues and Life and Health by Dr. Bisong Guo based on Lao Tzu's De Dao Jing.


Short meditation tracks and Qigong Music to destress and build energy.

Discover The Inner Evolution

Deepen your connection to yourself and your sense of purpose and life path.

Join A Friendly Community

Become part of a developing community who are deeply committed to growing and helping others.


Using ancient practices to cultivate body, mind & soul


Learning how to cultivate selflessness through opening the heart and having a bigger purpose


Creating the next evolution of humanity together, so the next form of human can develop

An Exponential Evolution

Cultivate yourself and heal the planet by connecting and opening up your own heart.


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