How Can We Become A New Human & Experiment A New Way Of Life?

Over several thousand years in human history we have progressed with scientific knowledge and technology.


We have the know-how and resources to make sure that every single person on this planet can have a quality life, with no hunger and proper housing.


We have the knowledge that nature is precious and needs to be preserved for all living beings.




What would happen if there were a group of cultivated individuals who got together with a purpose for creating something new?


Who devoted their time and commitment to come together to design a new module of living?


And what if this creation was not simply material, but was based on something much more invisible in the energetic world?


A place for energetic interactions to have a physical grounding so we can make changes in the world.


Does The Home Project resonate with you? 

The Home Project would be an evolutionary platform where the new way of Humanity is being lived, a new pattern of behaviour.


A learning that our internal state is what creates our external reality. It’s about changing the inner environment in order to create real change out in the world.


We learn that by connecting with our heart through cultivation and challenging ourselves, we can impact the people and the world around us.


The principals of ancient wisdom such as Meditation, Qigong and the philosophy combined with new technologies of how to live in balance and harmony will be practiced.



In order to see more deeply into our purpose and how we can also fit in and help with the bigger picture, the Home Project aims to accompany Conscious Heart Based Leaders in their daily lives to make an impact on this world.


This is an experimental platform to try a new humanity, based on respect and sharing.


The Home Project is a platform for heart based leaders, innovators and social activists who feel an urge to make quick changes to respect nature and society.


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