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The Shen Foundation is launching an experiment called the Home Project. It is a hub for a new humanity, an experiment with a sustainable lifestyle, community and new economic model.

Training & Research:


We are getting together to work on ourselves to see how we can make a new way of life, based on ancient teachings and new technologies which can help the planet and our society to become more harmonious.

We aim to understand deeply how the human being came into this state and how we can change this situation.




To see a short intro from our project team leaders watch the video below.


Who We Are:


A small group of people from 4 continents, 6 countries and different cultures, who are all concerned about where humanity is heading.




Brigitte Burgisser




Lyell Parry





Bisong Guo


Brigitte Burgisser is an entrepreneur and founder of booking platform providing furnished accommodation in the Geneva – Lausanne region since 2006.  

Her journey to creating eShortRental began in the late 90’s when she was an expat herself working in Private banking for leading International Banks. 

After having worked in 3 continents, 6 countries and moving 10 times, she returned to Switzerland. She founded, an online real estate business portal with a personal touch and has helped many professionals, families and visitors find their place to call home for their time in Switzerland.

Since childhood she felt an urge that society should take more responsibility in their actions for the wellbeing of humanity. With all the knowledge and existing technology, she feels that the potential to achieve a more sensible and equal world for human and nature is far from reached. 

Since 2018, she has been a partner of the Friends of Humanity Foundation, supporting various humanitarian projects. 

Since 2017, she participated in various retreats of the Shen Foundation and learned to appreciate and integrate Qi-Gong practices in her daily life. This lead to open up her heart to her deepest desire on giving her part on changing this world situation. Hope Project is the beginning of one of them. 

Her heart-based leadership is appreciated, and she is committed to spread out the idea that love is a far better management system, than fear and that one needs to redesign our consciousness. 

Lyell Parry was born in New Zealand and has been living in Sweden for 23 years. 
At present he works as a shiatsu therapist and has spent many years in the past in garden design and giving lectures for personal development with the Inner Peace Movement. He is also an avid sculptor, jeweller and beekeeper.
Involved with the project, he would like to work with food production and by utiliising his background with garden design and beekeeping, helping to develop alternative power sources such as hydroelectric, wind and solar power. In the future he will also be offering his services with his various healing therapies.
Lyell will also be involved with creating policies for the new society that will de developing from this project.
Why am I here ?
I am involved in this project because I am concerned about what is happening with our planet and our way of living. Both seem to  be heading for collapse. The Home Project is an experiment to create a new lifestyle that  addresses these  issues.

Dr Bisong Guo was born in China and has an academic background in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine. She has lived in the UK for over thirty years and in 2008 founded The Shen Foundation.


She is actively engaged in climate change and sustainability issues that involve her in both local and global community initiatives spanning a wide variety of different sectors including the medical, political and information technology sectors.


She has trained over 1,000 people for body-soul  and leadership training with the aim of cultivating personal and global transformation in both individuals and wider society.


She is the author of two books, her most recent titled 'Internal Alchemy a New Perspective' and is a co-author, with Dr Andrew Powell, of the book ‘Listen to Your Body – The Wisdom of the Dao’. 


As well as being the founding director of The Shen Foundation, Dr Guo is also an excutive member of The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS). She is also a Vice president of YaJianKang Wellbeing Specialty Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

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