Our team is a small group of people committed to helping the Earth regain its balance by starting an experimental hub which will live in harmony with nature and each other.

To do this we intend to purchase a property in Northern Sweden to carry out our plan of action.

Activities & Logistics:


We are looking for land where we can create adequate facilities for holding:


- Retreats

- Conferences

- Courses


There will be ample space for a core group living at the premises permanently, for people to come and work for shorter periods and partake in our extended courses.


Eco Hub


One of the foundation's principles is to work in unison with nature. With this in mind and of course to help get our home planet in better shape, this community will become a village respecting ecology working with the latest technology to live in harmony with nature.


We are aiming to raise 2 million Euros as start up capital for this project.


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